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The Syncrasy is the first of its kind. This shoe draws from years of research and development. We studied the player and the game in order to address all of the issues presented by traditional course footwear. The result is the most advanced, durable, and engineered disc golf shoe ever made. 

The Syncrasy was made to have a wider more natural shape to its toe box. This provides more room for the toes to spread out and plant down for more powerful and controlled shots. Use our fit guide to find the right size shoe for you.

We owe it to the user and our community to continue to innovate with a responsibility to a healthier future for our feet. Our shoe not only performs well on the course but was built around this purpose. 

 Minimalist design with only six millimeters of drop to encourage ankle mobility and strength without provoking injury. 

Wider more natural shape to the toe box allowing the foot bones and toes to spread out and stretch. Power and control is a welcomed side effect. 

High-density foam insole with just the right amount of arch support to keep your foot supported for all day play.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 388 reviews
Brett Porter
So far so good

I've played several rounds in them and so far I'm really happy. The size 15.5 actually fit a little better than previous 15 wide shoes. I tested the waterproof on Saturday and they stayed 100 percent dry on the inside.

Matthew Cunningham
basket-shaped cleats?

have purchased two pair now, and trying to justify a third. Treads on No. 1 are wearing pretty steadily after 50+ days of use. My ONLY suggestion: make the foot treads in the shape of a disc golf basket - they already resemble one a bit!

Tim Enright
Best Disc Golf Shoes Around!

Normally I absolutely hate doing these things. But my wife and have over the last 2 years have tired at least 4 different pairs each and they are by far the best ones. From the waterproofing to the grip they are great. They breathe great in the summer heat. Only downside I guess is when it is chilly out and you step in a puddle you won't get wet, but your still "feel" the cold of the water, but as long as you have decent socks your fine. We never play without them now

Darren Holliman
Fantastic Shoes

I’ve had these shoes for nearly a month now and have put almost 20 rounds on them. They have been the most comfortable disc golf shoes I have tried yet. Everything works as advertised and I’ve been more confident on my feet while playing than I ever have been. The longevity of the shoe remains to be seen, but if they stand the test of time I’ll definitely be buying another pair when the time comes.

Martin Pellegrino
Great but narrow

Excellent shoes for disc golf. Only issue I have is that they are a little narrow. But that’s my problem not the shoes.

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