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The Syncrasy is the first of its kind. This shoe draws from years of research and development. We studied the player and the game in order to address all of the issues presented by traditional course footwear. The result is the most advanced, durable, and engineered disc golf shoe ever made. 

The Syncrasy was made to have a wider more natural shape to its toe box. This provides more room for the toes to spread out and plant down for more powerful and controlled shots. Use our fit guide to find the right size shoe for you.

We owe it to the user and our community to continue to innovate with a responsibility to a healthier future for our feet. Our shoe not only performs well on the course but was built around this purpose. 

 Minimalist design with only six millimeters of drop to encourage ankle mobility and strength without provoking injury. 

Wider more natural shape to the toe box allowing the foot bones and toes to spread out and stretch. Power and control is a welcomed side effect. 

High-density foam insole with just the right amount of arch support to keep your foot supported for all day play.

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Customer Reviews

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Zack Dolan
Worth every penny

These shoes are worth the cost. They feel like broken in and very comfortable out of the box. Before I left this review, I wanted to make sure I put them through all kinds of weather conditions to give an honest review. They provide fanatic grip in summer time when playing dry courses even in loose ground. I played a round in them today in snow and I can confirm they are water proof and will keep your feet warm. They still provided great grip even in snow and mud. Also the extra rubber on the toes will definitely make the last a long time. I didn’t realize I dragged my toe until I played a round with these.

I would definitely considering buying another pair in another color. The sizing is also perfect for me

Good so far

So far great shoes only done 4 rounds so far. Feet don’t get wet have great grip

Nicholas Schaibly

wouldnt believe me if i told you... they help you engage your hips. If you arent wearing these you arent disc golfing

Devin Marquardt
Excellent so far

I’ve only had the Syncrasy for a few weeks and have played in the cold, the rain, and in the deep woods. So far the shoe has kept my foot warm and dry. I’m excited to see how they hold up over time.

Rick Hall
Sure footing!

Before Idio Syncrasy I could never find my footing on the course. Tried other popular shoes and each had draw backs, some really threw my game off. My Syncrasy shoes performed perfectly straight out of the box. I never have to think about my footing out on the course now. I'm free to play my best. I never have to worry about slipping, being off balance, or being prevented to execute a great shot by less than ideal footwear!

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