We are looking for passionate driven individuals who have a strong presence in their local disc golf scene. The ideal applicant appreciates their gear and values innovation and performance. The chosen individual should exhibit an ability to tell a story in a creative or intriguing way through their social media. We are looking for players of all levels who have had a positive experience with our Syncrasy shoe and understand the value that our grass roots brand is working to add to the disc golf community. Good luck IDIOts

Passion meets Purpose

Turn your love for disc golf and passion for footwear into a rewarding side hustle. As the only footwear company in the industry, Idio needs your help convincing disc golfers that running shoes are not disc golf shoes.


Being the only name in disc golf footwear, you can take advantage of our unique position in a rapidly
growing industry.

Pro deals

Your first pair is on us! Receive 30% off store wide. Look good play good!

Not those kind

These kind

30 day cookie means your code will remain active long after the customer first clicks it. This means a much higher chance for you to sink those sales.

one and done

An average order value of $130 makes it simple and easy to make some coin.


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