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2024 Paige Pierce Shattered Skyline Syncrasy

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The Syncrasy uses industry standard US sizing with a unisex mold. The majority of our users find the Idio Syncrasy's to fit in the same size as their athletic shoes. Historically, exchanges are typically requested for half a size up based on individual preference. This size chart provides the heel-to-toe measurement that can often be compared with your current manufacturers' size guide to help determine the best fit for you. Please reach out to with any sizing inquires.



If you have not sized your foot in some time, we suggest visiting a sporting goods or footwear store to have your foot professionally measured. This chart below should be used if that is not an option. For best accuracy, be sure to measure more than once preferably with the help of a friend. Should you have any questions about sizing or the fit of the Syncrasy, please reach out to



Color:Shattered Skyline


  • Description
Celebrating the comeback of the champ, Paige Pierce. After months of hard work and rehabilitation, Paige will be rocking her signature Sync's out on tour. This model comes with its signature MuckSac and mini sync keychain. Portions of this sale go directly to Paige to support her tour comeback.
2024 Paige Pierce Shattered Skyline Syncrasy
2024 Paige Pierce Shattered Skyline Syncrasy Sale price$229.00

Dont be fooled by other brands slapping a label on a hiking shoe

There's only one shoe made for Disc Golf. Period.

made for players, by players.

Find your size

The fit of the Syncrasy disc golf shoes run true to size. Keep in mind you may be sizing up in your running shoes so we suggest utilizing our sizing guide here

Sizing Guide

Healthier feet

We owe it to the user and our community to continue to innovate with a responsibility to a healthier future for our feet.  

 Minimalist design with only six millimeters of drop to encourage ankle mobility and strength without provoking injury. 

Wider more natural shape to the toe box allowing the foot bones and toes to spread out and stretch. Power and control is a welcomed side effect. 

High-density foam insole with just the right amount of arch support to keep your foot supported for all day play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
These are great

I've played about 8 rounds with these, on pretty varying terrain, and I've gotta say, they're exactly what I wanted. They feel good right out of the box. Given the specialized construction, I was worried about if they'd pinch in spots or require a lot of break in, but they haven't so far. As a fun bonus, the rubberized bits in the laces for the Paige Pierce edition are unexpectedly great at keeping the laces tied, in addition to looking fresh. If you want purpose built disc golf shoes, then you gotta get these.

Jacob Hernandez
Minor defect but the shoes work perfectly

I've done two rounds with the shoes and they have held up perfectly in rainy weather with no slips, and being able to take off my shoes without wet feet.

Only minor issues is that some of the fabric is becoming detached from the eyelets near the to of the shoe. This shouldn't be a huge issue if they don't tear any farther.

Isaac Loyal

So good and grippy super comfy too


I love how it feels so comfortable and stays dry for my feet! And a very strong grip underneath the shoes!


Best shoes for disc golf period.