A combining form from the Greek 'i`dios, meaning private, personal, peculiar, distinct.

Disc golf has long been thought of as a peculiar pastime. Gone are the days of flinging plastic frisbees at markers set as temporary targets. Today's players require precision, power, and finesse in order to edge out their competition. The Syncrasy is the first of its kind. A custom-tailored shoe to fit the needs of the sport. Because what we do is no longer a quirky hobby, it is our way of life.

The OG

We started by teaming up with Nate while testing the Syncrasy to make sure we developed the best shoe possible. You can catch the OG on course with his limited edition Sexy Gum colorway.

Dark Horse

Corey has blown up the scene with his precision putting and mind bending distance. The Syncrasy's are his shoe of choice for power and control.


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