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We have gone where no other brand has gone. We put 4 years into designing and testing the Sync's alongside professional USDGC champion Nate Sexton. A first of its kind shoe made specially to meet the demands of todays evolving disc golf athletes. Hiking and running shoes just cant cut it anymore. This is where durability meets performance.

Find your size

The Syncrasy uses industry standard sizing with a unisex mold. The majority of our users find the Idio Syncrasy's to fit in the same size as their athletic shoes. This size chart provides the heel-to-toe measurement that can often be compared with your current manufacturers' size guide to help determine the best fit for you. 



If you have not sized your foot in some time, we suggest visiting a sporting goods or footwear store to have your foot professionally measured. This chart below should be used if that is not an option. For best accuracy, be sure to measure more than once preferably with the help of a friend. Should you have any questions about sizing or the fit of the Syncrasy, please reach out to



Dont be fooled by other brands slapping a label on a hiking shoe

There's only one shoe made for Disc Golf. Period.

made for players, by players.

Find your size

The fit of the Syncrasy disc golf shoes run true to size. Keep in mind you may be sizing up in your running shoes so we suggest utilizing our sizing guide here

Sizing Guide

Healthier feet

We owe it to the user and our community to continue to innovate with a responsibility to a healthier future for our feet.  

 Minimalist design with only six millimeters of drop to encourage ankle mobility and strength without provoking injury. 

Wider more natural shape to the toe box allowing the foot bones and toes to spread out and stretch. Power and control is a welcomed side effect. 

High-density foam insole with just the right amount of arch support to keep your foot supported for all day play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Idio shoes

Love the design and colors on these ones, fit perfect still rocking the ones I have till they’re done. Can’t wait to wear these shoes. The only thing I would say is that I wish the tread on the shoes were a little bigger. When it rains I find it a little harder to grip on the ground. Other than that the shoes are perfect for disc golf either casual or tournament play.

Best shoes I've played in

I have both the first year edition and the second year edition, and I'm so so happy about the shoes.
Everything from comfort, grip, durability, and details is just quality 100% straight through!
No joke... These shoes even helped me to hit the 450 ft mark. I first threw with my nike's and then threw the same disc, the same way, with Syncrasy on, and it gave me an aditional 50 ft of power... Its mental!!
I would recommend these to ANYONE who plays disc golf.

Alex Schwarga

This is my second pair of Idios and the 2023 model has surpassed all my expectations. They are comfortable, grippy, and just the perfect Disc Golf shoe. I will be buying another pair, don't hesitate get you a pair today.

Lee Reading
2023 Syncrasy

Easy to order, excellent communications regarding fulfillment, fits to size perfectly, sole is grippy with soft nubs, waterproof but not too hot. Thank you.

Wesley Valenti
Great shoes. Great company

I would get a half a size smaller than you normally would, but other than that they are amazing.