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About Us

Our Creed

Disc golf has long been thought of as a peculiar pastime. Gone are the days of flinging plastic frisbees at markers set as temporary targets. Today's players require precision, power, and finesse in order to edge out their competition. The Syncrasy is the first of its kind. A custom-tailored shoe to fit the needs of the sport. Because what we do is no longer a quirky hobby, it is our way of life.

Elijah Bickel - Elijah_bickel

Watch out for EB! Elijah is touring full time and crushing it. He has emaculate form and a well rounded game. One too look out for in the coming seasons.

Abby LaForge - abs.disc

Abby is active in her community as the assistant TD for her Georgia local Ladies clubs. When not playing disc golf she can be found hanging with her cats and watching re-runs of survivor.

Sponsors: Another Round, Discraft Underground, Upper Park, Flippy Disc Golf, and Disc Dyes by Emily

Tyler Schrock - SchrockDG

Tyler is a Software Development Instructor in Seattle. He loves to hike, travel and has a background in distance running. Tyler is taking his game very seriously and has already competed in a few 2023 elite events.

Sponsors: MVP Disc Sports, Circle1Disc Apparel, Mandos Disc Golf Pro Shop

Rebekkah Sidwell - Understablemamabear

Mom of 3 and avid disc golfer. Rebekkah always finds time to compete and push her game.

Sponsors: Zuca, TeeBoxSox, DreamSpace, SewFly Originals

Caden Stucky - CadenGRFX

Caden is a student at Emporia State where he studies graphic design and plays for the college disc golf team. You can find his work on our social media where he has been crushing the IDIO graphic arts.

Jessica Caan - not_legally-blonde

A double threat. Jess works tirelessly as an attorney and also defending her title as this years Dreamspace open Champ.

Sponsors: Dreamspace

Conor McKaig - mckegdiscgolf

Outside of his job with a medical device manufacturing company, Conor is a huge animal lover and takes care of a few of his own. Conor has been stepping up in his local scene by taking on the role of Assistant Tournament Director for a series of events in Rochester New York.

Sponsors: #MillenniumGames, the best disc selection in Rochester, NY

Justice Hahlbeck - discgolfjustice

Justice has a website and growing social media presence. He is also leading the charge in Australian Disc Golf Production.

Sponsors: Disc Connection, TeeBox Sox, Bergs Bags, and Mark Boland disc dyer.


Mitchell Jasper - mjasperdiscgolf

Mitchell works as a multimedia producer for a software company, music producer and content creator. He has already helped put together some campaigns for IDIO.

Sponsors: Upper Park Disc Golf and Disc Golf Bro Tour

Therese Cuevas - theresecuevas_162896

Therese is making a splash in the Southern California disc golf scene. Competing in the Junior devision she just took home first place Advanced Women at the Bert Cotton Memorial.

Sponsors: Innova and Helix Disc Golf

Zach Harrison - Zharry1

Zach is an al around lovable character who specializes in Dog Training, brewing and triathlons.

Sponsors: DiscGod

Julien Quenneville - Julien_Quenneville

Social Studies Teacher by day, and Disc Golfer Also by day. Julian is an active member of his community in more ways than one.

Sponsors: Discmania and Don B Disc Golf

Max Sands - Youtube

Max has a growing social media presence with some catchy reels and engaging YouTube vids. He's also happens to be somewhat of a sneaker head and shoe collector.

Sponsors: ProPull Disc Golf , AGL discs, Flippy disc golf